Ask some guy: I Slept With My Most Useful Man Friend and from now on He’s Being Weird

Ask some guy: I Slept With My Most Useful Man Friend and from now on He’s Being Weird

My most useful man buddy and I also had been going out drinking and wound up making love. We’ve had sex in the past and have tricked around.

Your whole week he previously been joking if we were both single in 10 years about us getting married. He claims he really wants to be buddies nonetheless it constantly results in intercourse and therefore and I ended up sleeping over night.

He didn’t contact me the following day and then today he sent me personally a text telling me personally he requires area and certainly will contact me personally as he is ready. Therefore my concern is: exactly What did i actually do wrong and just how do we respond?

One thing in the head cued a “freak out”. One thing made him “emotional” as opposed to logical in regards to the situation.

It’s likely you didn’t do just about anything “wrong”, but regardless, he’s in a few variety of emotional room you have control over it that you are neither responsible for nor do.

You would be said by me have to do what he asked for: Give him space – live your life as though he vanished from thin air. Don’t think about him and when you do, don’t respond to your ideas about him. Simply allow it be.

Girls have a tendency to panic whenever some guy switches into his“shell” or“cave”. This compounds the difficulty. It often plays away such as this:

1) man, for reasons uknown, gets emotionally imbalanced about one thing. 2) man seems he has to manage his problem and achieving you around will make it much harder for him to work it away. 3) man informs girl he requires room. 4) woman provides him area, however begins thinking as to what she did trying or wrong to find out just exactly exactly what occurred. 5) Girl’s thinking quickly becomes tremendous insecurity, concern about abandonment, envy, etc. 6) Girl works herself into such an emotional wreck that she can’t assist by herself and begins calling the guy, looking to get reassurance, validation, etc. 7) Guy feels pressured and interrupted, helping to make him more emotionally unstable and causes it to be harder to take care of their “issue”. 8) man pulls straight straight back further, woman sees that as further verification that every thing she had been fearing does work. 9) period continues, repeat actions 7, 8 and 9 indefinitely. Continue reading “Ask some guy: I Slept With My Most Useful Man Friend and from now on He’s Being Weird”